"SpringWater" is both a home share arrangement and an historic Pullman home.

SpringWater the Home Share
The SpringWater home share arrangement is recognized and conditionally approved by the City of Pullman's Planning Department. Since it is a "home share" in an owner-occupied single-family home, it is specifically excluded by City Code as a rental property, thus isn't subject to rental property licensing and inspections - even so, SpringWater far exceeds licensing requirements, and City Codes.

The City of Pullman Planning Department unofficially recognizes the "home share" concept in order to help homeowners living in R1 districts manage the high cost of home ownership - rental units in owner-occupied single-family residences in R1 districts are illegal. In a home share one of the two parties is the "functional" or "traditional" family as set by code, and the other party is the "one additional person" allowed by code. The homeowner is not allowed to make a profit on the home share arrangement, and all "reimbursements" received must be applied to the operation of the home (utilities, maintenance & repair, insurance, mortgage, and taxes).

Since home shares are not considered "rentals" or "rental arrangements" by the City, it is questionable as to whether they are considered "rentals" by the State of Washington - such final determination would be made by a judge. Since the status of the home share as a non-profit** housing arrangement has not been officially addressed by the State, there is the possibility that home shares are not required to adhere to the Washington State Residential Landlord-Tenant Act (WSRL-TA). The SpringWater home share does adhere to the provisions of the WSRL-TA. Such adherence requires that the provisions of this RCW be written into the SpringWater lease - making it significantly larger than the standard rental contract.

Do not confuse this use of the term "non-profit" with any legally registered and regulated entity called a "non-profit". The SpringWater agreement is a not-for-profit arrangement, not a legally registered "non-profit".

The SpringWater home share is not managed by, or affiliated with, any property management firm or real estate agency.

SpringWater the Home
The large brick home on the corner of Water and Spring Streets in Pullman has been called "The Show House of Pullman", "Gilleland House", and more recently "The Mansion on Water" (although hardly a mansion when compared to true mansions in Spokane, Seattle, and Vancouver). It's official name... "SpringWater". It is the largest home on Water Street, and at one time was the second largest in Pullman next to the WSU President's Mansion, but has been surpassed in size many times over by newer homes all over the city.

The land SpringWater sits on was once part of an apple orchard surrounded by a Locust grove, before land developer McKenzie bought the land and divided it into lots called "McKenzie's 2nd Addition".

SpringWater was built in 1939 by Dr. James Gilleland as a home for he and his wife and two children, and as an office for his medical practice. At the time, SpringWater had no immediate neighbors, and few large trees to obstruct the sweeping views of downtown Pullman, Military & College Hills, and Kamiak Butte. In those early days High Street was the only paved road leading onto Pioneer Hill, a small skating pond sat amongst the grove of Locust trees just to the West of the home, Spring Street (from Jackson to Water) wouldn't be constructed for another 27 years, and WSU was still the State College of Washington.

Three families have called SpringWater home over the years:
        - Dr. James Gilleland Family, Sept 1939 - June 1955 (15 yrs, 10 mos)
        - James H. Seeley Family, July 1955 - June 1962 (7 yrs)
        - Lasswell Family, July 1962 - present (53+ yrs)
                Richard E. Lasswell, July 1962 - March 1999 (36 yrs, 9 mos)
                Richard S. Lasswell, April 1999 - present (16+ yrs)

SpringWater sits within a 1/2 acre fenced and gated "compound", and is a 3-level, nearly 5,000 square foot, 20-room, 5-bedroom English Norman brick home with four wood-burning fireplaces, leaded-glass windows, crystal chandeliers, a formal dining room, very large grand salon, library, and outside... a terrace and brick patio.

The former 3-room maid's suite on the first level was remodeled in 1999-2001 at a cost of $120,000 and resulted in a modern and nicely appointed 4-room guest suite - called "The Suite", which more recently was leased out as a home share. The Suite consumes 636 square feet of the first level's total 1,750 square feet.

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The Homeowner
The current homeowner, is a graduate of Pullman High School and Washington State University, with a degree in Fine Arts. After graduating from WSU, he lived in Seattle and San Francisco, before returning to Pullman to help care for his elderly parents and family home. The homeowner was a Washington State real estate licensee (real estate broker), has worked on the property management side of real estate for a number of years, and is currently assisting with the management of 7 CAC properties as the Leasing Agent for the Community Action Center's Property Management Department.
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