None of the fifteen or so housemates over the last 16 years has anything bad to say about SpringWater... well now that's not true... one housemate believed that the neighbors were watching her come and go, and thought the squirrels in the back yard were "dirty and dangerous". I'm thinking that she really just wanted out of the lease early - wish granted (at some cost to her). Unfortunately it's only been in recent years that housemates have made a statement for public view. Here's what some of them had to say...

"I arrived for my viewing and met Scott at the property. I was very impressed with the old architecture, and further impressed with his renovations to the downstairs home share that would soon become my living area. The appliances that came with it (dishwasher, oven and microwave) were excellent quality and the best I've had so far from the multiple houses/apartments from previous moves. The outside yard area was always very relaxing to me with all the space I had. Nights with a couple friends and a fire on the patio were very well enjoyed, along with nights just laying out on the yard enjoying the stars.

Paying one price that includes all utilities you ever need, was extremely convenient. Throughout the year I became very good friends with Scott, and will be staying in touch with him from now on. If it was not for going back to college in Moscow, I would have kept on living at SpringWater. I highly recommend anyone thinking of moving there to 'take the plunge'. You won't regret it."

Kenny J., IT Specialist, 1 dog
8/1/14 - 7/31/15
This housemate had two jobs, one full-time in Moscow

"Living at SpringWater was like a vacation - the house was very nice, the patio and backyard were private and beautiful, and the kitchen was a pleasure to cook in. SpringWater offers Pullman residents a nice, safe and clean home. The homeowner is accommodating, kind, and very attentive. I enjoyed living at SpringWater and would have stayed there if it was feasible for me."

Personal note: "...I enjoyed living there very much and I am happy to have met you."

Griet D., Electrical Engineer, 1 cat
8/1/13 - 7/31/14
Commuted to Clarkston daily. Could not find housing there that was as nice as SpringWater

"Although my stay in the suite was short, it was very much enjoyed! Everything was great."

Kelsey H., WSU student, 1 dog
1/8/11 - 5/31/11

Signed lease "sight unseen", took a portion of the remainder of "squirrel lady's" lease

"As quiet and private as you can ask for in a place in Pullman.. and easily one of the nicest!  The somewhat high price, when compared to many rentals in Pullman, seemed easily justifiable when you consider that everything is included, and the quality, privacy, and standard of living is a notch above rental-living. Everything was well maintained and the appliances and cabinetry (which the photos don't do justice) were nearly brand new.  The location didn't hurt either -  a block away from both Kruegel Park and the nearest bus stop, and just a 15-minute walk to the center of campus - all in a very quiet residential neighborhood.  I enjoyed my stay here and would highly recommend it to anyone."

Lance W., WSU student, no pet
5/1/09 - 7/31/10

Leased for 3 months prior to move-in so he wouldn't loose it

"I have spent approximately 1 year at SpringWater while attending WSU's Senior Veterinary Program. I rented the suite by just looking at the pictures, but when actually seeing the place for the first time the pictures didn't do it justice. I was blown away by the new appliances and light fixtures, the whole decor was exactly what what I wanted.

It is a very quiet and safe neighborhood. Lots of parks are available to take my dog and myself for runs. In the summertime I really enjoy the back yard, the barbeque is always available, and my dog enjoys the spacious yard to play in.

The kitchen and bedroom are good-sized, easy to clean, and perfect for entertaining friends. My experience living here has been a very positive one, I look forward to coming home after a long day, or night, at the veterinary hospital to relax and catch up on some sleep. I would recommend the suite to any of my friends."

Peter W., WSU student, 1 dog
1/5/08 - 1/31/09

Signed lease "sight unseen"

"I have enjoyed living here, and will miss it a lot."

Lacy J., WSU student, 2 dogs
8/1/04 - 5/30/06

Housemate here for the longest period
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