Before you contact the homeowner, please at least read the "Overview" on the home page.

ALL questions you may have, are most likely answered somewhere on this website.

If the reimbursement amount is clearly above what you wish to pay each month for a living arrangement, or you have no other interest in SpringWater other than to see what it looks like in person, you are welcome to ask questions and/or drive by but... please do not ask for a tour. Arranging for a tour is usually at great inconvenience to the current housemate, and at least some inconvenience to the homeowner. That said, if you have a legitimate interest in this home share, don't hesitate to ask for a tour.

Until there is an active application, phone numbers remain private.

If you ask a question via the contact form below or email, and the answer is already noted somewhere on this website, you will receive a reply giving you the location of that information. Please don't be offended if this is the response you get... it is handled this way because there is more complete information provided here than can be included in an email reply.

You should expect a reply within 24-hours. If you do not see a reply in your IN box, check your junk mail folder. It is ok to resend your questions if you do not receive a timely reply.

In order to prevent the "harvesting" of the homeowner's email address from this website by spam mailing list "bots", the following contact form will be used to send your information. Your message is still sent by email... there's just an intermediary that shields the email address.

Initial Contact Form

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Completing this form does NOT obligate you to anything what-so-ever.
Typing anything but a valid email address in the email field will generate an error message, and the form will not be submitted until the error is corrected.
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Per Pullman city code there can be no more than 2 persons living as a "functional" or "traditional" family, plus one other unrelated person (3 people total), when the structure is a single-family residence in an R-1 district.
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This website has way more information on each topic than can be provided to you in an email reply. If you ask a question that is already covered somewhere on this website, you will be provided with a link to the web page that contains the answer to your question.
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If asking for a tour, please include the dates and times you would have available. Keep in mind that the current housemate requires a minimum of 24-hours notification under "proper notice" rules set by the WSRL-TA.

Once you receive a reply to this message you will have the direct email address, and will no longer need to use this form to communicate with the homeowner.
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